1/10 Off road trailer P-9


Pig Studio P-9 Off road trailer With a massive 295mm wide x 490mm long deck to accommodate all the toys you would want to take on your adventure.


Custom version

Shipping with in 10 Working days after the  payment .

Off Road Trailers have become a popular choice over the last few years due to the many benefits that they have to offer.

Our innovative contour chassis design is designed to carry more weight. The chassis is also hollow-carved design so no water or sand can get caught inside.

Our suspension system provides a sublime Walking posture , With nearly three times more useable wheel travel than other dual axle off-road trailers, the P-9 traverses undulating and uneven terrain effortlessly. By keeping wheels on the ground – not in the air – the P-9 has less weight fluctuations placed on the tow vehicle, significantly improving your towing performance.


Approximate Size (LxWxH):50 x 30 x 33 cm

Approximate Weight:  2.8kg  without batteries.

Solid Metal Chassis.

About the custom version off road trailer:
All contour chassis trailers and tops are fully customisable to your specifications. Come in or give us  Email :bg2vcj@gmail.com and discuss your requirements.

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