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KITS Morning Star Sdkfz 251C FOR PRE-ORDER


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Derived from the unarmored Sd.Kfz 1l prime mover, the Sd.Kf 251 halftrack was designed to transport a squad of mechanized infantry into battle. Development started in 1937, and the first vehicles-designated mittlere gepanzerte Mann-schafistransportwagen Sd. Kf. 251 (medium armored personnel carrier) – reached the troops in 1939. Beginning in wasredesignated as the mitlerer Schitzenpanzerwagen Sd.Kfz 251 (medium rifleman’s armored vehicle). These vehicles. often referred to as “Hanomags” by historians after the primary design company, were the most widely produced German half-tracks oithe war. with at least 15252 vehicles of all models and variants being produced (note there is no evidence the troops ever referredto them as “Hanomags”). The halftrack chassis and armored body allowed the panzergrenadiers to accompany the tanks and pro-vide infantry support as required. It was an efficient vehicle. although its complex track and suspension made heayy demands ormaintenance personnel.Its halftrack design allowed it to go where trucks could not. and it had the performance needed to keep upwith the tanks. When the panzergrenadiers dismounted, the vehicle usually stayed close to provide fire support with its machineguns The vehicle was made in four models, the Ausf A-D. In addition to the standard infantry carrier, numerous variantswere designed to support the infantry, tanks, and other support units.

KITS Morning Star Sdkfz 251C,Based on the design of the SdKfz 251C prototype vehicle, it features a full aluminum alloy body and steel axles with hollow rubber tires. It operates on dual motors and dual transmissions. Its modular design allows for all parts to be disassembled and reassembled.


KITS Morning Star 1:6 scale Sdkfz 251C is sold as a kit for assembly and can be turned into an Radio Controlled (RC) half track through the addition of options.

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